About Donald Epstein, D.C.

For those seeking revolutionary and practical means of advancing their human condition, experience and relationships, Dr. Donny Epstein has been considered for over 25 years to be one of the true sages and genuine alchemists of growth, human potential and body/mind healing. His contributions include models of assessing and initiating healing, wellness, personal growth, conscious embodied awakening and bio-cultural transformation.

Through gentle touch and simple exercises, his Network Spinal Analysis and Somato-Respiratory Integration are able to initiate two healing waves which can suspend the automatic structural defense patterns accumulated in the body, helping individuals to create new embodied strategies for living, healing and loving. His methods are researched at universities, incorporated into post graduate programs in several disciplines and are received by many thousands of people worldwide. 

His books include the Twelve Stages of Healing and Healing Myths, Healing Magic. Additionally, his work, articles and research have appeared in numerous academic journals as well as popular press around the world. Recently several articles and presentations have appeared highlighting the profound quality of life changes associated with Network Care as well as evidence of new strategies of organization within the human nervous system.

Donny and his wife Jackie are committed to creating an entrained biological field of human consciousness and love throughout the world, thereby empowering necessary global change through the transformation of individuals, couples, families, communities and nations.


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